20 | Aug | 15

Richard Johnson

Doner Waste Your Time

What, exactly, is a doner kebab? You’re probably imagining the “elephant leg” – that huge grey lump of meat that rotates slowly in front of a grill. The drinking man’s turkey twizzler. Well, a kebab really doesn’t need to look – or taste — that way. The founder of British Street Food, Richard Johnson, went to Turkey to find how kebabs should really taste, and he’s delighted to bring the new generation of kebabs to the South heats of this year’s Awards (along with this little lot). The Posh Kebab Company is a new venture from rare and traditional breed meat specialists Hannah and Duncan Nobbs, who breed and butcher Aberdeen Angus cattle, Oxford Down sheep and Large Black and Saddleback pigs at Partridge Farm near Tiverton. “All of our livestock is born, bred and butchered on our Devonshire farm” says Hannah. “The animals only leave the farm to go to the local abattoir a few miles away,” explains Hannah. “Now we’re going one step further by cooking posh kebabs for our customers at street food markets and private functions.” Let’s just hope they’ll be open when the pubs close….