09 | Mar | 15

Richard Johnson

Happy Eater!

Street food has a way of making places feel safer – more inviting. It makes people want to linger a while, rather than race back to wherever they came from. James, CEO over at Fat Annie’s Hot Dogs, has first-hand experience of what we at British Street Food like to see as street food’s power to change society.

“Where my pitch is” says James, “there are two picnic benches that were previously used by people drinking strong white cider in the day and not by the general public. Since I started in September this has reduced significantly and the Police, residents, counsellors and neighbouring businesses have all been really supportive.”

Getting permission for the pitch from the Council in Manchester was tough as their stance has traditionally be anti street trading. Frustrating. But since the success of Guerrilla Eats, Urban Food Fest and Beat Street, attitudes are clearly beginning to change, as this article highlights.

“One sunny autumn day someone turned up with a piano and started playing and we had two tables full of strangers sat eating hot dogs while listening to classic music. It was a magical moment! Also we now have a saxophone player who has started coming to the area again for the first time in a year. It’s great. Roll on the summer.”