12 | Jan | 15

Richard Johnson

Mind Your Own Business

2015 is the year that street food grows up. It’s only a few days old, and there’s already been a lot of talk about its commercialisation. We’ve had our say about strengthening street food’s position on the High Street. And we’ve cheered on crowdfunding — financing everything from the Ribman’s prep kitchen to Manjit’s horse box. But there’s more. As the street food phenomenon grows in popularity (and why wouldn’t it — it’s just about good quality food eaten out of doors), more people will want to get involved. And that means more money will be at stake. We feel REALLY strongly that the traders should benefit from this revolution — and not just the money types who fancy a break from investing in crude and diamonds. Which is why started to look at franchising as an opportunity. On first thought it seemed like a bad, bad, BAD idea. Street food is all about expression of an individual’s will. But — if you can find the right people to join you — why not spread that will around? Cathy from Lulabelles is doing it. What do you reckon? Can you franchise street food? Read this.