24 | Nov | 14

Richard Johnson

Sands Brilliant!

February. Not the nicest month. The ideal time, maybe, to take a break in the sun? Thanks to the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, you can now escape the rain AND keep the money coming by trading at Street Feast 2015 — in the United Arab Emirates. They are looking for up to 10 UK based Street Food traders to join them, across three venues — Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain and Al Murfa. I wish our research department could help out with more details on those pitches, but beyond an average expected temperature of 25 degrees, you’re on your own. Will Abu Dhabi City actually ‘get’ our street food? Or, in a monied place, will it be seen as a poor relation to what’s on offer in their restaurants? We’ve been asked to get involved with helping along the street food revolution in Dubai, and rooting it in something native and permanent, but Street Feast 2015 is a good start. Traders will be provided with:

1. Return Flights for 2 people

2. Accommodation for 2 people for the duration of the stay (likely to be from 3/2/2015 – 22/2/2015)

3. If bringing a street food vehicle, shipping costs will be covered (Vehicles are not mandatory)

4. Provision of comprehensive supply chain for sourcing ingredients

5. Provision of prep kitchen facilities

6. Support for all legal, licensing and financial requirements to trade in Abu Dhabi

In return traders will need to pay a % of turnover (TBC) and ensure that their menu follows halal principles. More details on that percentage when we get it….