05 | Nov | 14

Richard Johnson

Heavy Scran

As the rising stars of British Street Food get set to smash it in Edinburgh this weekend for the Eats From The Street Roadshow, we’ve heard word of Pizza Hut’s new ‘Scottish language’ menu. It describes the Margherita as “jist a plain wan – a proper mozzarella and tamata pizza”, the Vegetarian as “pure bilin’ wi’ nae meat, green chillies, peppers, red onions, cherry tamatas”, and the Meat Feast as “yer pick a’ tamata or BBQ sauce plus aw yer meaty favourites pepperoni, ham, beef and chicken.” Beer is “swally”, and desserts, which include “Murdurr By Chocolate”, are “braw puddin”. If that’s not what you’re after, come to Fort Kinnaird to try the finest street food in the country.