11 | Oct | 14

Richard Johnson

Things We Do For Love

I wasn’t a convincing banana – not once my polyfoam costume lost its shape in the wash. But, for three years running, I still managed to entertain at my daughter’s birthday party. ‘Billy Banana’ was my way of showing how much I loved her. Then, last year, it all went wrong. My daughter asked if I would mind giving Billy Banana a bit of a rest. My fruit jokes clearly weren’t a-peel-ing any more. She said it in the sweetest possible way – in fact, she said it to my wife because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings – and after last year I was quite happy to hand it over entertainment duties to someone else. But I have found my new vocation. Meet ‘Billy Burger’. In an effort to PR the life out of the Eats From The Street roadshow — at Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh this weekend — we have invested in a taco too. But one step at a time. The early indications are that our PR efforts have worked. I think the public have taken pity on us. But who cares. With six amazing traders to choose from — from the BSFA-winning Nusou, to Scoff, Big Blu, Crema Caravan, Fat Hippo and Zoete Koek — a little personal humiliation is a small price to pay.