11 | Sep | 14

Richard Johnson

One To Watch

Meet Harry – one of the best front-of-house operators in the business. Don’t hurry him along while he’s plating up. Not that you’d want to – he’s a delight to watch. And listen to.  ‘Ahimsa’ comes from the Sanskrit language meaning non-violence and non-harming of human and animal life. Yes – Harry’s from Brighton. It’s the right place to promote vegetarianism and the philosophy followed by Mahatma Gandhi. “Coincidentally” says Harry, “my origins are from the same state as Gandhi’s – Gujarat, on the west coast of India”.  The best street food Harry has ever tasted? The Pav Bhaji from Ahmedabad — fresh, hot and dripping with butter. “Though noodles in Malaysia come a very, very close second – followed by some amazing dishes we came across on the streets of Cambodia and Singapore”. Wait till he gets to Leeds….