15 | Sep | 14

Richard Johnson

Holy Smoke!

The meat? They cure, brine and dry rub it themselves. Then they hot smoke it, with oak. In their own smokehouse. They make their own sauces – some of them hot enough to scare us. And to serve alongside they make their own pickles. Some are fermented, some are vinegar. But all are good. Leave space to try some. See who else they’re up against over at https://britishstreetfood.co.uk/awards/awards-2014/finalists/

Name of trader: The Little Blue Smokehouse

Name of van: Blue tent

How it got its name: Because it’s blue and a tent

Description of van: A blue tent

What makes your food different: I have a mantra that I try and stick to — “Can I smoke it or pickle it?”  Like a lot of other people we use local produce and great ingredients, but I like experimenting and seeing what happens.