14 | Sep | 14

Richard Johnson

Army Rations?

It’s amazing what you can create on an original Sankey Army Field Kitchen — tried and tested by the troops. And it doesn’t have to involve boiled spuds. Not when the chef team bring a range of British, German and Japanese influences to their food – and a love of wild flora and fauna. Think pulled venison with fresh slaw, fermented chilli and real ale vinegar in pide bread, or hot smoked salmon with watercress, wild horseradish, beetroot and chive flower bread. “We try and source as locally and regionally as possible” says Nina, one of the team at The Moocher — and the latest wild cards in the British Street Food Awards at the end of the month. “And that includes going out for rabbits with our lurchers and ferrets”. If the couple had to give advice to someone starting out in the world of street food, they would say to stick to your guns. “If you believe in your product’s quality then people will support you… and ignore the queue of the burger van”.