08 | Jul | 14

Richard Johnson

Trump Cards

I love to keep up with new games – which is why I went along to see the Mind Sports Olympiad. That’s where Bronia Grycz from the Czech Republic told me he invented something called `Destiny’ when he first saw photographs of Stonehenge. I think he explained that players are different planets revolving around the stones. You live as long as possible, attracting fortune (represented by a large-breasted woman) until you die. I must say, it grabbed me more than Owari. In Owari you capture the nuts of the Guillandria bush. Touch a nut, you’ve got to move it. One player mistakes my smile for naked excitement. “You know what we say? Anything can happen in Owari”. Top Trumps, however, is a card game I can relate to. Ever since I was a boy, I would memorise top speeds and brake horse powers. Sadly I only ever amounted to a Volvo. But now that there’s a special Street Food edition, well, all is right in my world. The sets have been produced in very limited numbers by Santa Maria, but we’ll be giving a few away in the run up to the British Street Food Awards in Leeds — September 26-28. Otherwise, come and grab me at the event and I’ll show you my pack.