26 | Jul | 14

Richard Johnson

Pop Quiz?

Here at British Street Food we love cakes — there are few things better than sitting in a kitchen as it fills with the smell of baking. Whether it’s cupcakes or macarons — even whoopie pies or Victoria sponges — they’re the darling of village fetes and church fairs everywhere. With very good reason. But we are ESPECIALLY love cake pops. They are so cuuuuute. And our new range of British Street Food cake pops – produced in association with Lottie’s Bakery in Fulham to mark the 2014 British Street Food Awards — will make people love you. Use your power for good…… They’re what teatime was made for. They will be available to buy. But not until after the Awards. To be in with a chance to win a set, keep your eyes open for competitions on @britstreetfood and www.facebook.com/britishstreetfood.