14 | Jun | 14

Richard Johnson

Veggie Heaven

I used to be a vegetarian. But, after 10 years, vegetables seemed to lack a real sense of purpose unless they were accompanied by a good helping of meat. Vegetarians do live a longer life than carnivores – but what’s the point if they don’t have a decent meal to look forward to? I became grumpy. I found myself cornering vegetable eaters, and saying things like “The West wasn’t won on salad”. Well, maybe, I’m on the turn. And, of course, it happened in Brighton, where I’m at the Southern heats of the British Street Food Awards. I have just eaten a vegan kebab made out of seitan (pronounced Satan — which is why the cool couple behind the idea call themselves Beelzebab) and the most life-changing of Indian snacks from Ahimsa including kala chana poori poppers, dhokla and khaki rolls. Reminded me that we haven’t even BEGUN to scrape the surface of Indian street food. Which, actually, makes me very, very happy….