17 | Jun | 14

Richard Johnson

On Your Marks

I love M&S — a scrupulous, ethical company (words which, as a judge of the RSPCA’s Good Business Awards, isn’t something I say lightly) that makes me proud to be British. As title sponsors of the British Street Food Awards back in 2012, they were a pleasure to deal with. And, I like to think, we excited them with the new world of street food in Britain. I remember taking along some top traders to show them (including La Grotta Ices and Street Kitchen) and delivering a speech which banged on about how street food would “come indoors as big business tries to capture that ‘on-the-run sensibility’ to give their food courts a casual, shareable vibe. Indoors and out, food will be portable and flirty with a low level of commitment.” Fast forward to their street food range. And, this week, in a West London M&S, their street food truck. Made of cardboard. Baby steps, people….