28 | Jun | 14

Richard Johnson

No Jibba Jabba

Meet Mr T. No, not that Mr T — fool. Meet the other Mr T (short for Tony) who is leading the street food revolution in East Anglia. Hence the lack of a mohican. He started out life as a musician working cruise ships, summer shows and cabaret, before he opened his own 50-cover restaurant in Leicester. He went on to work in TV, making wildlife documentaries, and then moved to India to work in the country’s largest production house making programmes for international distribution. “But I came back to the UK to find that TV was being run by the under 14s” says Tony, “so I went back to my old love — food. I now serve all manner of delights at Mr T’s Catering, but it was the US street food I enjoyed most whilst working in New York, San Fran and every city in between, so I now do pulled pork and beef brisket (both loosely based on a US receipe with my own twist) and “proper” burgers!” We put him on the British Street Food app because of his ethical sourcing policy, but read here about why Tony was so keen to bring the Eastern heats of the British Street Food Awards to Norwich.