11 | Jun | 14

Richard Johnson

No Jacket Required

There are still a few of us who can remember Live Aid — the “global jukebox” that raised funds for the relief of the Ethiopian famine back in 1985. It took place simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia – but Phil Collins managed to perform at both. On July 13th I will have to channel ‘the spirit of Phil’.

To get from London to Philadelphia, Phil flew Concorde. On July 13th I’ll be going by Southern Railways. And then Virgin Pendolino. As I go from the Southern heats of the British Street Food Awards in Brighton to the Northern heats in Manchester. Noel Edmonds won’t be there in his helicopter to guarantee I make my connections. Oh no. I’ll be trusting myself to London Underground. Otherwise it’s exactly the same.

So far, the heats have gone swimmingly, as we hunt all over Britain for the best traders to compete in the British Street Food Awards — in Leeds on September 26-28. First came the Central heats, with at the Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham. Then came the West and Wales heat, with the Beats collective in Bristol. And we’ve got the first of our finalists — Buddha Belly and The Cauldron.

The Southern heats at Street Diner are scheduled to start at 11am. I’ll read out the winner of the public vote at 3pm before I rush off the station to try and get to Quay Street in Manchester for the Northern heats’ 6pm start. Once I’ve eaten my way round the amazing Guerrilla Eats line-up, and announced the winner of their public vote at 10.30pm, it will be time for the England kickoff. Was a better day ever created? Please read how to vote here, and come along and join in the fun!