26 | May | 14

Richard Johnson

Hot Stuff

In today’s caffeine culture, people expect a little more of their coffee hit. We’ve talked about it before. In fact, we’re speaking about it (and the growth of street food) at this week’s Caffe Culture. But it was Alice Wood, food blogger at www.harley-wood.blogspot.com, and the photographer Ben Jenkins, who brought our attention to the Latte Art Throwdown hosted by the magnificent North Star Micro Roasters in Leeds.

“This competition to create the perfect latte brought together an array of talented (albeit nervous) baristas from all over the North of England. We were impressed by the quality of the lattes produced under pressure – no shaky hands here! Perfectly textured milk and immaculate rosetta’s were pushed out left, right and centre. The latte’s were judged on balance and symmetry; colour definition; use of space; and the overall pour. After three knockout rounds, Oakley from Crema Espresso was crowned Latte Art King – nice java fellahs!”