23 | May | 14

Richard Johnson

Bath Time

There are certain places you imagine will just never get street food. Places like the Royal Crescent in Bath, where you’re instructed what colour to paint your front door. When one lady didn’t want white or black, she painted it yellow — and ended up in court. But, last weekend, the Royal Crescent took a chill pill. The lawns were opened to the public, and the collectively-owned space (with a “ha ha” wall to stop the hoi-polloi from entering it from the park) was thrown open to Terri Robinson and her street food throng at Bath Street Feast. The force of nature (who was also a finalist in the West and Wales heat of the British Street Food Awards) invited Matin Blunos along help out. And Ping from Masterchef popped down to try the jerk chicken. The citadel has truly been stormed, people. Next stop? People choosing their own curtains.