06 | Jan | 14

Richard Johnson

Hot Dog Hacks I-Phone

In the world of street food, 2014 promises a new dawn for smartphones and cashless payments. Tom at London’s Burger Bear (worth checking out however you’re paying) created a real stir at the end of last year by deciding to accept bitcoins — the digital ‘money’ that everyone is talking about. Within three weeks 50 customers had opted to use the currency. No fiddling around with notes and coins (good for food safety) and potentially much quicker transaction times. It’s an interesting departure, and one that we’re looking at getting involved with at British Street Food. But now that we’re all able to use our phones to pay bills, travel on public transport, and buy burgers, smartphone security will need to be tightened up. Which is why this story caught our attention. Although — to be honest — that illegal hacking hot dog doesn’t look to be a good quality. I doubt a beautiful home-smoked sausage in a natural casing from Diamond Dogs, Big Apple or Dog Town — or a fillet of fresh white coley from Fishdog — would work. And imagine the mess on your touch screen.