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Haven’t had much to drink yet this Christmas. That is about to change. This weekend will be very wine focused — which started me thinking. Riedel is one of the great marketing stories of our generation. The glassware company, based in the Tyrolean Alps, has been designing glasses for nearly every major grape variety since 1756. According to Riedel, the shape of a glass can enhance or impede a wine’s aromas and flavours. They reckon the style that brings out the best in a French Burgundy – for instance – isn’t necessarily the right configuration for an Australian Shiraz. Riedel say that, after years of trial and error, they have worked out how to direct the wine to the “correct” part of the palate. I do find it difficult to accept that the shape of a glass – and the thickness of its rim – can make such a difference. But (and please excuse me if I sound like a philistine) Riedel glasses are certainly nice to hold and drink from. The last Riedel I had in my hand, with its tulip-shaped bowl, long hour-glass stem, and thick, solid base, cut an elegant figure. It felt good. So it should have done – it cost £200. But I’ve found an alternative. Check out Das Horn over at https://britishstreetfood.co.uk/2013/12/skal/

via British Street Food https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=729109377100573&set=a.274866435858205.81916.116909038320613&type=1