26 | Nov | 13

Richard Johnson

Your Starter For Ten

Tonight, ladies and gents, is quiz night. A night as British as your local allotment society. But this quiz is extra special. Aside from the fact that Simon from Luardos has put together a menu of tacos and tequila, what makes it unmissable are the quizzers themselves. They are all street food royalty. Come down to the Stag’s Head in North London at around 6.30pm, and you’ll see a group of traders limbering up at the bar with clever puns and impromptu odd-one-outs. They are here for the beer (no isotonic energy drinks for these mental athletes), and something to really get the grey matter working. “If it costs 6p for an apple and 28p for a mango” you’ll hear the Rib Man (above) say to Jon from Original Fry Up Material and James from Dog Town, “what’s the price of a fig and a coconut?” You and I would simply ask the greengrocer. And point out that he’s undercharging for his mangoes. But then we’re not lateral thinkers. I’ve done a few quiz shows in my time. And hung out with my fair share of quizzers. Read about it here. But tonight? Who knows. Results tomorrow. Drunken updates as and when on @britstreetfood.