04 | Nov | 13

Richard Johnson

Future Food?

Here at British Street Food we don’t like to bang our own drum. But, let’s be honest, nobody else is going to bang it for us. When we were asked for our end of year predictions for 2013, we said this: “Street food will go crazy. But on private land — not public. Councils are still too worried about the cost of litter clearance to really support the street food revolution. Street food will also come indoors as big business tries to capture that ‘on-the-run sensibility’ to give their food courts a casual, shareable vibe. Indoors and out, food will be portable and flirty with a low level of commitment.” As predictions go, it wasn’t totally crazy. We were, at the time, working on the Trinity Kitchen project to change the face of food courts forever. See the original artist’s impressions above. The real Trinity Kitchen has been open for two or three weeks now, and the “shareable vibe” really seems to be working. This weekend, Nick Lander of the Financial Times came to check it out. Read his thoughts here. Have you been down yet? Any feedback?