28 | Nov | 13

Richard Johnson

All I Want For Christmas Is…

George Orwell described his recipe for a successful Christmas as a roast turkey, a pudding, a dish of mince pies – and a tin of liver salts. Not much has changed. Sixty years later, and it’s still a season of glorious excess. A deliberately austere Christmas is bloody travesty. Eat, drink and be merry!

Cheese is what Christmas is about in our family. Cheese and the birth of our Lord. I was all set to order the usual potted stilton. But then I read the results of the World Cheese Awards. The Montagnolo Affiné, a creamy blue, has today been voted Number One at the 2013 Awards. And now I want some.

John Farrand, organiser of the competition, said: “After 25 years of the Awards this is the first time a cheese made in Germany has won top honours.  One judge described it as ‘visually beautiful with a soft blue grey bloom and melt in the mouth, velvety flavour’.” What he didn’t say was HOW CAN I GET SOME? Anyone?