30 | Oct | 13

Richard Johnson

Monster Mexican

I’ve had a few burritos in my time. But not like this. At a whopping 100ft long, it’s longer than a blue whale. It took 10 hours to make (all to raise money for Action Against Hunger) using more than 150 tortillas, 17kg chicken, 8kg of fresh tomatoes, 5.5kg of tomatillos and 1kg of coriander. It’s just the latest in a series of burrito battles. Having successfully made the UK’s first biggest burrito back in 2011 with a 65 footer, the Benito’s Hat clan were cruelly usurped by burrito builders in Bristol who reached 77ft in 2012. Sniff. Now they’ve brought the title back to London. Yay. Nice work fellahs. Can I get a Diet Coke with that?