04 | Oct | 13


Les Tasters: Les British Street Food Award à Londres

Thank you Google Translate. This is what Les Tasters thought of last weekend. “It was a real competition with a jury, sanctioned by numerous awards, which allows a lot to be happy. But above all, it was a joyful and relaxed party with cocktails and beer, music, good atmosphere, far from the stereotypes and criticisms found here in any event somewhat new.

The level was pretty high with dishes from the 4 corners of the world, various cooking methods, sandwiches, salads, frosted ice, cotton candy, etc.. A good way to celebrate the street and bring kitchens and greedy.

And especially good news for France since the French food truck Refectory won 2 awards:
– The best burger, burger bourguignon
– The best drink, milkshake Paris-Brest
Like what despite the delay in street, there is much to argue!” http://lestasters.blogspot.fr/2013/10/les-british-street-food-award-londres.html