25 | Sep | 13

Richard Johnson

A Taste Of Things To Come

Nana Johnson had one simple solution to every problem – put the kettle on. There’s nothing more British than tea. Not cricket – not the Routemaster bus. Not even the White Cliffs of Dover. We drink 165 million cups of it every day. Per capita, we are the largest consumers of tea in the world. It’s about more than thirst – it’s about our nation’s very sense of self. Just like the biscuits we choose to go with it. So Trinity Kitchen, who are sponsors of this weekend’s British Street Food Awards, thought very hard before they ‘commissioned’ (you don’t just ‘bake’ biscuits like this) a special range of street food biscuits. Trinity Kitchen — which is a first-floor food court with real, actual food vans, trucks and trailers — opens in mid-October. The lovely little street food biscuits are just a taste of the special things to come.