05 | Aug | 13

Richard Johnson

Les Poissons Et Les Frites

Who says the French don’t get street food? Check out a new truc de fish and chip doing good business up and down the boulevards and avenues of Paris — and they’re the latest applicants for the 2013 British Street Food Awards. The Daily Wagon are trying to continue the amazing work of Kristin over at Le Camion Qui Fume. The Bastille has been stormed. Excuse my French, but here’s a translation of a recent programme listing about street food’s rise and rise in the capital: “Long confined to the sausage-fried or pizza restaurants these trucks start today to gastronomy. This phenomenon, which has grown since the beginning of a crisis, can meet the needs of customers who want to eat well at a more affordable price in the restaurant. It also allows talented cooks who do not have a right to exercise their local talent. Investigate this phenomenon, borrowed from American culture, which upsets the world of French food.” Allez les Francais!