29 | Jul | 13

Richard Johnson

Going To The Dogs?

Here’s a trend where the Yanks lead the way — street food for dogs. Thanks to the Bow-Wow Chow, people who want to share the food truck experience with their dog can now do it in a healthy way with their signature range of dog food. We can’t believe it’s an earner, more of a PR stunt, but the market place is slowly crowding up. In Orlando, Florida, for instance, you’ll find the Sit ‘n Stay Pet Café, a food truck that operates year-round on varying days. Two sisters — Lauren Hicks, a veterinary technician, and Kathy Trimble — are the brains behind the two-year-old operation. They have more than 30 different treats, which they rotate on the menu. Their most popular items? Doggie Cupcakes, Italian Mutt-Balls, and Jerky Treats. “We try to mimic human goodies as much as possible,” says Hicks. Could it happen here? And would it be the end of the world if it did?