17 | May | 13

Richard Johnson

Swede And Rhubarb?

When British Street Food were invited over the water to address the great and the good of Scandinavian Street Food it was a momentous day. It made the news. But one of the highlights of the trip for me (and there were many) was meeting a journalist colleague called Ingar Nilsson. One of the world’s leading experts on rhubarb. And wonderful company. She has sent this update over from her home town of Malmo in Sweden — tak Ingar. Clearly every future Ingar update will include a rhubarb angle….

“The Eurovision Song Contest has just landed on the Swedish town of Malmö” she writes. “But residents who aren’t consumed by the excitement of it all (and apparently there are a few) can lose themselves in our street food. Along the canal, eight restaurants have moved their businesses outdoors to serve street food with a regional — and seasonal — twist. Last night, delicious homemade rhubarb sausages were sizzling on the barbecue, and juicy pork belly came with a tangy apple and chilli glaze and an elderflower chutney. But the biggest crowd gathered round the stall where freshly-fried fish was paired with a sharp tartar sauce, crudités, cos lettuce and apple mint. I could feel a song coming on…”