20 | May | 13

Richard Johnson

I’m With The Prue

Prue Freeman was always going to be a success. With her background in the City, and her unique sense of silver-trousered style, she was always going to make a noise. From cute beginnings with eco-friendly tricycles on the streets of London, Daisy Green has now taken her unique street food style to a sophisticated new home in the West End — and she’s already causing a stir. Sitting on the corner of the quaint Portman Village, Daisy Green is instantly noticeable, with its faux green grass and neon-coloured deckchairs proclaiming, ‘Your Banana Needs You.’ Inside is more Melbourne coffee bar, with Aussie-trained baristas serving perfectly-executed flat whites, and a team of staff so friendly you forget you’re just seconds from the throngs of Oxford Street. Down the black-and-white film poster stairs, past the rather large squirrel painted on old locker doors and you find yourself in an Alice in Wonderland retreat, where the mood quickly changes from sleek to street.
A fantastical collaboration with up and coming street artist, Shuby, creates an atmosphere perfect for reclining in the deckchairs and having freshly baked banana bread brought to you. “The space is a reflection of our heritage and who we are. It combines our love of the streets and our passion for creating great food in a homely, quirky and fun manner” says Prue. With a new kitchen, Daisy Green now does more than artisan coffee and fat-free frozen yogurt, serving fresh, organic and uncomplicated food.
From founder and head chef, Prue’s, chunky rocky road that she’s been perfecting since she was 10, to super fudgy chocolate brownies and fresh hot smoked salmon hand-picked at the fish markets each morning, the menu is wonderfully simple yet exceptionally high quality. They’re even roasting their own beans.