23 | May | 13

Richard Johnson

Barbecue Academy

If there’s one thing that’s more profitable than selling good quality street food, it’s hosting How To seminars on selling good quality street food. Jamie Berger, of Pitt Cue Co., will share his knowledge with two more instalments of ‘How To Launch A Food Start-Up’ Guardian Masterclasses, taking place over the weekends of 8th and 9th June and 10th and 11th August — for £400 a pop. There had better be tea and biscuits.

Jamie will give potential entrepreneurs insight into creating a successful start-up, alongside fellow industry expert, Stuart Langley (Disappearing Dining Club). Over the course of two days the tutors will offer their perspective on Britain’s alternative dining scene, sharing their personal experiences and imparting advice on all aspects of running a restaurant – from licensing to marketing and sales.

Jamie launched Pitt Cue Co. as an American BBQ food van in summer 2011 with business partner Tom Adams. Their take on ribs and pulled pork was a roaring success, and they moved from their parking spot under Hungerford Bridge to a bricks and mortar space just off Carnaby Street.

Coinciding with the workshops is the publication of Pitt Cue Co. The Cookbook on 6th June, taking home cooks past the queues and into their world, with recipes for some of their signature dishes including Pulled Pork, Crispy pickled Shiitake and Sticky Bourbon & Cola Pudding.