15 | Nov | 12

Richard Johnson

Your First New Year’s Resolution

It’s a match made in heaven — pubs and street food. The Meatwagon did very nicely out of it, thank you very much, trading out of The Florence’s beer garden in Herne Hill.

And now The Wild Game Co. are hoping for similar success when they launch at The Endurance in Soho. As from January, guests visiting the pub will be able to enjoy a menu of wild venison and game, sourced directly from the Scottish Highlands. It certainly beats the pork scratchings.

Founded by Andy Waugh, The Wild Game Co serves meat that has been butchered by his family’s business just north of Inverness. Working with Ruaridh Emslie (The Bonnie and Wild and The Seagrass) the ‘kilt-wearing chefs’ have been making an impression on the London dining scene — they were the winners of this year’s ‘Street Food of the Year’ at The Young British Foodies and The Evening Standard voted them one of the top five places to eat game in London.

Expect to see larger dishes such as Pulled Boar cooked in Honey, Soy Sauce and Star AniseLoin of Venison Chateaubriand with Rosemary Potatoes, Confit and Roasted Shallots and a Port and Redcurrant Jus, and Sticky BBQ Ribs with Burnt Lettuce and Courgette will feature. Smaller plates will include: Deep-fried Pheasant or Rabbit Hot ‘Wings’ cooked in White Wine and Thyme Stock served in a Spicy Tomato Sauce,Warm Pigeon Salad with Caramelised Apple, Chorizo and Balsamic Syrup andPartridge in a Pear Tree, featuring Confit Leg and Honeyed Pan Fried Breast with a Pear, Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad. There will also be some more unusual dishes regularly appearing, including their signature Venison Burger Dumplings.