07 | Aug | 12

Richard Johnson

Food Snob

Oh – another new phrase that’s really bugging me. After I went to see a therapist about my hatred for the words “local produce”, ladies and gentlemen, I give you “ethnic dining”.

Condescending or what? Isn’t everything ethnic dining? Apparently not. French food isn’t deemed ethnic. So cassoulet, for some reason, is deemed more valid than its Brazilian cousin feijoada. It’s snobbery – pure and simple.

I wouldn’t want to live my life drinking only champagne; truth is, a beer or a vanilla milkshake is more than just consolation for those people who can’t afford the bubbles. In fact, I won’t even concede that champagne is “better” than a beer or a milkshake. Equal but different. The categories are horizontal not vertical. Let’s put an end to culinary materialism. To the barricades comrades! Once you’ve checked out the arepas at Acklam Village market in London’s Notting Hill…