11 | Aug | 12

Richard Johnson

Street Food And The Blow-Up Doll

Here at BSF HQ, we never eat lunch at our desks — it’s a matter of principle. Lunch is all about loosening the ties that bind, shaking yourself free, and breaking bread with your work colleagues. Lunch, in other words, is street food time. In America it seems like they’re finally getting our UK flow. Well nearly. Chain restaurant Applebee’s has just launched an initiative called the “Lunch Decoy” which encourages workers to reclaim their lunch break by swapping themselves for a blow-up doll: “Simply inflate the decoy. Place at your desk. And then slip off for the lunch you deserve.” These dolls (currently $6.99 on Amazon) come in six different characters, including  “The Overachiever” and “The Cubicle Queen”. Now we just need to convince people to be pickier about their lunchtime food options…..