07 | Jun | 12

Richard Johnson

Lost In Translation

Brazil — a country that lives, and dies, on the street. Or so I thought. In fact, serving food on the street has just been made illegal in Sao Paulo.

When I was asked for a British Street Food Awards perspective on the whole sorry business, I was delighted to share my rage.  Portuguese speakers, visit the site here. But for those who have forgotten the basics of the beautiful language, this (according to Google Translate) is what I said.

“It’s crazy that a city like street food has not legalized. We see Brazil as a country of people who live outdoors. Being forced to go indoors to eat does not make sense. The Brazilian climate and grocers of the country cause envy in the world” he says — also author of Street Food Revolution.”

Well, all I can say is that the journalist must have interviewed me straight out of bed — or just back from the pub. And I apologise for creating an international incident with my apparently racist comments about Brazilians not owning any houses. I can’t imagine it’s going to help any with sales of the book in Sao Paulo….