28 | Jul | 11

Richard Johnson

Dubai It? Or not?

Dubai is the land where gold Bentleys don’t look out of place. Where you’ll see thousands of palm trees, imported from the desert, and The World – a group of 200 man-made islands laid out to resemble a map of the earth. The place has no history — and no heritage. What it offers is fantasy. And an underwater hotel. So when I picked up this food feature from the Dubai edition of Esquire magazine, I was amazed to see where they’re recommending well-heeled Dubai natives eat when they come to London. Heston at Dinner? I get it. Opulent, and lavish, and the size of the bill isn’t going to be a problem. But Broadway Market? And then down to Peckham to see Yianni? Everyone’s getting in on the British Street Food action. I see franchising opportunities in the desert, people……