18 | Feb | 11

Richard Johnson

Yes I Know The Way To San Jose

In downtown San Jose they make chorreadas – thick white corn pancakes – that deserve some attention. The family behind ‘Rustica’ grind the corn from their own farm, and add milk to the batter to keep it moist. They add white, unsalted curd cheese, fry on a hotplate, and serve with natilla, a heavy sour cream. To drink with the crisp, sweet pancakes, the staff recommend a glass of tamarind or a fresh cup of coffee. Given that I’ve been spending a lot of time watching the organic coffee harvest for the Food Programme on Radio 4 (17 minutes in — did you know that coffee berries taste like sweet peppers if you eat them raw?) I fancy a change from the old Joe. The fresh tamarind was bitter, but sweet. Quite the nicest food and drink I’ve had in Central America……