07 | Feb | 11

Richard Johnson

Fair And Delicious Supper Club

Restaurants can sometimes feel a little bit old hat. These days, we want a relaxed, free-wheeling dining experience. Which is why street food traders are working their magic on the pavements of this country. Along with ‘pop-up’ restaurants and supper clubs. We like the idea that the trappings of a dining room are negotiable. And we like the idea of eating somewhere and something that’s a little bit different. The Fair And Delicious Supper Club was the idea of the Fairtrade people. All the food was Fairtrade inspired, and served up in a sweet little front room by Anna Hansen, the chef/proprietor of the Modern Pantry, and the Friday Food Club. The menu was nice (especially the spiced burford brown hens scotch egg served with yuzu tomato chutney, green pea puree and chilled curry sauce), and the quality of Fairtrade produce has really moved on. But be warned. Fairtrade wine, virtuous as it is, still gives you a hangover. I have published pictures (above) so you know what to look out for.