13 | Sep | 10

Richard Johnson

I Can’t Believe It’s Finally Happened

It was a proud, proud moment — to see the British Street Food Awards finalists all come together. In a car park. To a man (and woman) they were inspiring, passionate, community-spirited people, and I could have hung out with them forever. But there would have been pay-and-display issues. The judges had no idea how hard it would be, but see the Winners pages for their final decision. It was a massive success. No two ways. But a couple of thoughts for 2011. 1. Don’t site the whole shebang at the end of famous Ludlow sausage trail. People aren’t hungry for the best in British Street Food if they’ve just eaten five free sausages. 2. Order more sunshine on the Saturday. 3. Remember to pack my loose-fitting trousers. See you next year. We’ve already had our first application!