30 | Aug | 10

Richard Johnson

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It’s so near I can taste it. The shortlisted mobilers have all been notified and — as I write this — they’re haggling over position in the Castle Square car park. The fun starts as we struggle to fit everyone in, and plug them into the Ludlow mains — on the night of Friday September 10th. But come Saturday 10am, you’ll be able to judge for yourself whether you think the fuss was all worth it. Everything from scallops, with the smack of the sea, to the fattest, pinkest burgers you’ll ever taste. Try and spare the time to come and see me on the Graeme Kidd stage at 12.30pm, explaining the thoughts behind the Awards before you go back for pudding. They’ll be serving until 6.30pm — unless they run out, of course! The judging will be happening across the entire weekend, with the winners announced at 3pm on the Sunday. It will all be down to their cooking on the day. I  just hope that they remember I don’t like beetroot….