12 | Mar | 10

Richard Johnson

Eat The Lot

Tailgating (which is food and drink, served from the tailgate of a car or truck) is an American institution, and every Saturday in the football season you’ll find the haze of portable grill smoke – and the delicious aroma of barbecued foods – over parking lots up and down the USA. It has been called the last great American neighbourhood: where no one locks their door, everyone is happy to see you and all fans come together to share fun, food and football. There is a bit of rivarly with the opposition, but no real violence ever broke out over marinades and rubs. I saw some of the best in the business when I went to Miami earlier this month to watch the Superbowl. I had a blast with an RV full of Miami Saints fans. And a bucket full of beer. Have a listen to my adventure on Radio 4’s Food Programme (use the listen again facility if you miss it live). I found that the finger food worked best, but Charlie’s gumbo and dirty rice were a revelation. Who dat? Tailgate Party