What is the British Street Food
Pub Takeover?

We love beer — it’s one of the best things about being British. And we love pubs. Proper pubs where regulars can choose not to eat if they don’t want to, and the tables aren’t all reserved for diners. But a lot of our favourite hostelries are struggling to serve up more than nuts and crisps. And yet street food traders would love the opportunity to take their food to a new crowd. An opportunity.
Cue Pub Takeover!

What’s wrong with nuts and crisps?

Nothing. But, if you’re a landlord, food is a proven driver of footfall – and street food will get you out to a younger crowd. You’ll be talked about on social media. The trend for informal, fun eating, is here to stay. And British Street Food, with our respected British Street Food Awards, will direct you to the best that’s out there. It’s what we do. It’s why we built the British Street Food app. And now the new British Street Food Pub Takeover app. Whether you use street food to entice customers in on your quieter nights or to encourage more spending and a longer visit on your busy nights, it could work wonders.

Why should I use Pub Takeover –
What are the benefits?


Pub Takeover takes all of the stress and complication out of booking and managing all of your food needs. You can find someone for one night a week — or six months on the trot. You can ask him to do Chinese in your kitchen. Or you can ask her to do burgers in your garden. Be as picky as you like. It’s like Tinder. Without the awkward complications the morning after.

Street Food Traders

Pub Takeover takes the grief out of finding your residencies.
We’re just here to help you get as much work as possible.

How does it work?

Whether you’re a pub looking for a street food trader or a trader looking for more residencies, we will provide the best matches for you based on location and our unique rating system.

Who’s behind Pub Takeover?

It’s a collaboration between British Street Food and Enterprise Inns, the leading leased and tenanted pub business in the UK with a portfolio of over 5000 pubs.

How much does Pub Takeover cost?

The service is currently free but we’ll be introducing additional premium services in the future.

Do I need a kitchen?

Not necessarily. Each trader varies. Some will park up their van in your courtyard. Others will fancy working from your kitchen because it means they will get a better rise on their Yorkshire puddings. But that’s a conversation for you to have with the trader. We’re just the matchmakers. Most traders will bring in the food, the recyclable plates and cutlery, and then tidy up afterwards. But in order to avoid any mishaps it’s always best to message the trader directly through Pub Takeover once you’ve confirmed the booking so you know exactly what’s what.

How do I promote my Takeover?

We are here to streamline the process for booking your food, but one of the most important aspects that is often left to the last minute is promoting and marketing the event correctly in order to maximise your event’s impact. Here are a few pointers to help you bring in that crowd:

Start as soon as you’ve booked the trader — the bigger the lead time the better. Get the word out on your Twitter and Facebook accounts (which means starting one, if you haven’t already) and British Street Food will let everyone know.


It’s also the trader’s responsibility to promote the event by spreading the word across their channels so make sure they do.

The more visible the marketing of the event the more likely you are to have a great turn out. Posters and flyers might feel old school, but they work…



Next Step?


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