Pub Residencies

One of the challenges when we first started was to find a place for street food to flourish all year round. Not just the summer. Indoors AND outdoors. Just check out how we’re switching the world on to the fact that pubs are the answer. And just how well the idea has been received.

It makes sense. We love pubs. And British pubs are evolving – with a more evolved attitude to their menu. JD Wetherspoon now make more money out of food than they do out of their beer. So staff need to be ready to offer up something more exciting than Ready Salted or Cheese and Onion. Street food, in an increasingly crowded market place, provides a real point of difference.

We’ve been running successful pub residences all over London, and made quite a splash everywhere from the Marquis of Wellington in the South to The Bloated Mallard in the West and The Duke of Wellington in the North. we’ve proved it works.

So now we’re expanding.

What's In It For The Pub?

Are you joking? Food drives footfall – and street food will get you out to a younger crowd. We will bring in street food specialists, with a following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Who are after the challenge of serving food to a different crowd. In the warm. With tables. And maybe a Deliveroo account. It’s a massively exciting clash of cultures, that will create something more dangerous and exciting than a pie or a pickled egg. And save you from having to deal with the risk and expense of hiring a food team.

What's In It For The Trader?

A home. A platform. A relationship with a pub group which takes food seriously and is looking to expand. Maybe talk about setting up a Deliveroo account – or the use of the kitchen for prep? All negotiable with the right landlord. Drop us a line on [email protected] And traders? Make sure you’re registered on the British Street Food app and we’ll keep you up-to-speed with the next wave of opportunities.