19 | Jun | 22

Richard Johnson

För Sverige i Tiden

Sweden has previous in the European Street Food Awards. It hosted the last grand final – in Malmo, in 2019, where 15 European champions came together to compete before we all got locked down. And traders from the home nation took home two MAJOR awards. So, for the 2022 Swedish Street Food Awards, we knew the game would be STRONG. And the national media wanted to know all about it. The 15 BEST food trucks in the country parked up in Helsingborg harbour, right in the middle of town, for punters to Eat, Drink, Vote for the trucks who would represent Sweden at the grand finale of the 2022 European Street Food Awards in Munich.

The 2022 Swedish Street Food Awards, hosted by Matcoma and Food Mutiny, were part of the H22 Expo – a city-wide innovation initiative about the journey towards becoming a smarter and more sustainable city. And the city was buzzing. With parties and happenings round every corner – including a huge Pride march on the Saturday. So the vote for the People’s Choice was CRAZILY hotly contested. We ran out of votes. And on the Sunday we had one HECK of a judging panel, with Titti Qvarnström, Daniel Berlin and Olle Ahnberg choosing the Champion. And this was how it went down:

Swedish Street Food Awards Champion 2022:
1 Flavor Boss
2 Sharp Food
3 Papapiada

People’s Choice:
1 Papapiada
2 Flavor Boss
3 Bahia

But that wasn’t the whole story. The judges were blown away by Sharp and their full-on smash burgers. “Balanced” said Titti – who also loved their sweet potato bun. Green Fries came along with a real game changer – a reinvention of the humble chip. Organic potatoes, from a field only two kilometres from the Green Fries production kitchen, that were chipped, cooked and then frozen before being cooked again on site. Like Heston’s triple-cooked chips, but better. And with a rosemary dipping sauce on the side. “Interested story” said Olle. Like Folkets Pops, who made delicious ice lollies from seasonal flavours – such as hawthorn and elderflower – made from rescued, overripe fruit. And a percentage of profits went to the bees.

Simple Eatery won friends with their banh mi – alive with herbs, and stuffed into just the bread for the job. The Grand Sexy from Jeffrey’s was a real people pleaser – loaded fries, topped with halloumi and Jeffrey’s secret mayo. Patricia stole the show with her Afro-Caribbean menu – jerk chicken, jollof rice, vegetable samosa and a Congolese doughnut. “I really like this” said Daniel. Casserole brought the judges the last of the year’s asparagus stuffed into a wrap with homemade hummus – and a HUGE spoonful of passion. Pinklish wraps were as pretty as a picture, topped with with parsnip crisps and cute little fritters. Brandt repurposed the bao as a burger bun, and filled it with great pickles – and a prawn mayonnaise. Bahia’s old school crab taco, served with mango and a slice of lime, was blast from the past. While Tabemasu Ka-jen turned up the colour with their beautifully presented poke bowl. Like the banh mi from Asian Woking. And the crisp little falafel from Falafel Street Food.

See you in Munich! Follow the competition throughout the summer with our media partners The New European.