04 | Jul | 16

Richard Johnson

Free Balls

Want to know the latest BIG brand to rent a van for the weekend and play at street food? Joining KFC, Pret, McDonalds and Divine Chocolate? IKEA. Yes, the Swedish home-furnishings giant is rolling out its #TogetherWeEat food truck this month, doling out free meatballs to the people of Chicago and New York. The above is an artist’s impression (from the NY Daily News) of what IKEA are calling their “vehicle for community” — a place where people can “laugh, love and enjoy being with one another.” And eat some free meatballs. It shows the extent to which street food has now parked itself into our consciousness. TV ad campaigns seem a little, dunno, static these days. Which can only be a good thing for the development of a grassroots street food revolution. Right? Right??