21 | Jun | 16

Hugh Thomas

Changing Lives

‘We are nice people, but sadly we don’t have a van.’ Perhaps not the best first words to use when trying to pitch your business philosophy and subsequently win over the public’s hearts and minds. Still, that hasn’t stopped Brixton People’s Kitchen.

The project turns south London’s unwanted produce into decent meals for the low incomed and underprivileged. And it’s one of eight sustainable street food vendors after your vote for London’s Urban Food Awards – vendors, in this case, who are not only helping put together a fairer food system, but some bloody good scran too.

Forget ulterior motives (speaking of which, with your vote you could win, on the house, entry to the awards at Borough Market). Just think – with a trader’s potential city-wide acclaim at stake, this could be your second (nay, third) most important vote this month.