18 | Aug | 15

Richard Johnson

The Street Food Show

Street food traders are just soooo hot right now. On Sunday, we had the Yogiyo couple signing up to a £50,000 investment from Peter Jones, the tall one, on BBC 2’s Dragons’ Den. Even though it cost them 33% of their business. And on Tuesday morning, we had Andy Bates from Eat My Pies cooking up a filled Portuguese roll for Lorraine on ITV like he’d been doing daytime telly all his life. Not cycling round Hackney on a trike, battling the traffic — and the weather — to get his black pudding scotch eggs onto his stall at Whitecross Street Market. The unifying factor in these two televisual treats? Charm. There’s something about the best street food traders that makes them naturally loveable. Traders that don’t know how to interact with the public will soon struggle. I want to say they’re “salt of the earth”, but that’s not right. They have a devil may care attitude to life that’s very infectious. And very winning. Who is next? Well, we would like to see Simon from Luardo’s presenting his own quiz show on tv. He’s already half way there….