21 | Oct | 14

Richard Johnson

Road Trip Pt 2

British Street Food are not the only ones currently engaged in a cross-country street food road trip. Have a look at this. The Four Seasons Food Truck East Coast Tour. That’s THE FOUR SEASONS! The hotel chain where etiquette is seen as the science of living. Etiquette embraces everything. It is ethics. It is honour. Even though we all know, deep-down, that it doesn’t really matter which knife we use to eat our dinner, we’ll still pretend it does when we’re eating at THE FOUR SEASONS. So the chain’s desire to run a food truck shows quite how much the times are a changin’. Maybe formal dining, where you can watch the choreography between the diner and the server, is losing its appeal? I hope not. I like eating in places where formal dining has been raised to an art form. But I also like that the Four Seasons has seen the virtue in trying something different. And a different way of serving braised pork shank tacos, Savannah crab cake sandwiches, sage roasted pumpkin farro salad, and butter pecan ice cream sandwiches. If you can’t make Orlando, Palm Beach or Miami, get along to our Chester roadshow instead. It’s nearer. Besides, we’ve got a double decker bus….