09 | Sep | 14

Richard Johnson

Joe On The Go

I suppose this new Starbucks truck gets the coffee out to the kids. Which is a good thing. Especially around exam time. But why not leave the street food/drink market to someone else? The little guy — the hand-made girl. The coffee sellers that don’t NEED to write your name on your coffee cup — because they already remember it. AND they know exactly how you liked your latte the last time you happened by. We’ve talked about street coffee before. We want to see more of it. But the involvement of the big brands into a world that has — up until now — been about small brands doesn’t seem to be an issue in the USA. “Students at Coastal Carolina University in Conway won’t have to drive to the nearest Starbucks” says one report. “That’s because Starbucks has come to them”. No criticism — implied or otherwise. The coffee company’s truck rolled onto campuses last month as part of a possible worldwide rollout. Are we being too romantic about the small/artisan/handmade? Or should we just leave it to the market decide where we go to get our coffee?