11 | Sep | 14

Richard Johnson

Our First Wild Card

Reports that the burger is DEAD have been greatly exaggerated. Everyone loves a burger. And that ain’t going to change. Which is why we gave the Original Patty Men our first Wild Card, allowing them to compete in the big finals of the British Street Food Awards at the end of the month. They competed in the Central heats of the Awards, (read about all the heats here) and came within spitting distance of winning. The fact that their burgers ran out early didn’t help their cause. The guys have a real Shoreditch look – all beard and tats. They live in a beefed up gazebo called the Meat Mansion, painted up by Birmingham’s finest graffiti artist Gent48. But it’s the togarashi seasoning in their Sumo Burger – especially the chilli powder and szechuan pepper – that gives them the edge. That, plus the wasabi ketchup for heat. And ribboned cucumber, pickled in mirin, for sweetness. Interesting texture. Not piled too high. And a good shot of alcohol off the sake. The finest and filthiest longhorn patties in town? Come on down and find out.