12 | May | 14

Richard Johnson

Got The Munchies?

I’m addicted to chocolate. Admittedly I’ve never stolen from my family to feed my habit, and I don’t get ‘cold sweats’ if I can’t get hold of any, but a little cranky if I haven’t had a square or two? Maybe. There’s something about the taste. And now researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers discovered other similarities between the two, but, like, woah, they can’t remember what they are…

But now there’s a new way to put a stupid smile on your face.The Samich Truck will offer its customers “four-star-quality food items infused with 30 to 100 mg of THC”. In states of US where marijuana has been legalized, they will serve up a menu that includes Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches and tomato soup — all made with weed.

We don’t THINK it’s practical joke (although the business was registered alarmingly near the beginning of April). The team behind it are still searching for a municipality where they can file the right paperwork to register the truck, but they’ve got plans ‘for an app to notify people when the 40-foot Freightliner truck is nearby and, maybe someday, a chain of restaurants’. Far out!